Thursday, September 18, 2008

Die Hard

Yippee-Kay-Yay COLT!!!

This past Saturday I tested with the West Jordan Police Department. West Jordan would be a great place to work they have the highest starting pay of any department in the state, and its a pretty good department to boot. I went to the PT and prepared for the first set of challenges

Part 1: Vehicle Accident
Pick up a 75 lbs. barbell and run 25 feet with it.
Grab a robe attached to a 120 lbs crate and drag it 30 feet.
Push a pick up truck 30 feet. All under 30 seconds.

No Problem!
Part 2: Rescue
Exit the patrol car sprint to vehicle remove 190 lbs. dummy and drag said dummy to safety.
No Problem!

Part 3: Obstacle Course
Run to a six foot fence and climb it
Run to flight of stairs and do 3 times up down to simulate running up 6 flights of stairs(Remember this part for later).
Sprint the next station and run 400 meter sprint(track flash back).
Jump over a ditch
Sprint through a series of cones in a zig-zag pattern
Jump a 4 1/2 ft fence
Wrestle a 190 lbs dummy(same one you just rescued), flip and handcuff.
So as I began my sprint I cleared the 6 foot fence just fine, but when it came to the stairs I slipped 200 pounds of Colt went one way, my arm went the other. This completely dislocated my shoulder. This is where I look good though. I stood up told my proctor I was fine and proceeded to finish the obstacle course. My fellow cadets were in total awe one even remarked "I could barely do the dummy with of my good hands after that thing...that was awesome!" I definitely felt like John McClane after that! One other person applying came to me and said "Your Batman, aren't you?" then I went to ER. Once there they x-rayed me, gave me some wicked pain medication, knocked me out(where once knocked out I apparently was talking a lot about DUI law...weird), and finally put my shoulder back where it belonged. I am still in a sling for this week and will most likely be there at least one more.

That night Maggie and I went the Utah Symphony with Dale and Kathy. It was the opener for Keith Lockheart's final season conducting the Utah Symphony. The Ode to Joy sounded wonderful and we had a great time. I was on a high dose of prescribed Loritab so I was pretty happy anyway.

Hopefully Maggie can help fill the rest of the details on this weekend, and there should be some pictures coming in a couple of days, and maybe even the x-rays!


BAM Neve said...

GEEZE I am always so impressed Colt. You are an amazing person! I want to watch you push a pick up truck...that is DIE HARD!


Christie said...

Colt, the list of what you had to do was impressive before you got to the dislocated shoulder part. You are so ready for this job!

Taylor said...

Don't pretend you're tough - I know better.


Man, sounds crazy Colt. Sorry we didn't get back to you guys last night. I was at the conference center (women's conference) and Brad was baby sitting(well I guess it's not baby sitting if it's your own daughter). Anyway.... We'll need to get together soon though. Our weekends are a bit crazy though for the next few. We'll get in touch soon.