Thursday, June 5, 2008


I don't like picking favorites. Since dating Colt he has always wanted to know what my favorites are. His original argument for needing to know was..." How will we ever win the Newly Wed Game if I don't know your favorites?" This is no longer as issue since we won a newly wed show on the cruise last February. Since marring Colt one of the changes to married life has been being willing to pick favorites. They may not be true but I have to have them just the same. For some reason I hate to do this. Why can't I have several favorites? To make Colt happy I have conceded to have a few all time favorites. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. This may sound a little juvenile especially to those of you who know what a foodie family I am from and what a foodie family Colt and I are now. What can I say just I love it. I don't mean that stuff from a box with neon orange cheese (powder) I mean good homemade cheesy strings between the noodles (that is the key) mac and cheese. Apparently my favorite color is teal. Really any shade that is a mix between blue and green. Every time I go shopping with my friends anything that is teal invokes a comment like "they have it in your color." Recently I was confronted by Colt and Jodie (his mom for those of you who don't know) for only wearing 4 colors of shirt black, brown, teal and mauve. I have expanded my wardrobe palette somewhat but I still lean on my stable colors. Anyway back to favorites. Colt and I love watching movies and it bothers him I don't have a favorite actor or actress. One day we were watching a movie and he said "You must be really happy your favorite actress is in this." "Oh" I said "who?" " Cate Blanchett I decided that since you don't have favorites I am going to pick for you. Mark Wahlberg is you favorite actor by the way."

Mark Wahlberg my "favorite" actor

Cate Blanchett my "favorite" actress

Having Colt pick my favorites really does make is easier. No more long drawn out battles in my mind desperately trying to weigh the pros and cons in order to pick a favorite. Now all I have to do is ask him. It has become a fun game ( like on car trips) I like to ask obscure questions like who is my favorite dead historical world leader. It is nice to know I can have these choices made for me. I do have one favorite that I always know without a question and as cheesy as it might sound it is Colt. So if it makes my favorite happy to pick favorites for me then I say by all means go ahead.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June is Bustin out All Over..and So is our Chair

Maggie and I had quite the start to June. Saturday I went to POST at 0730 and did a simulated PT Test which I passed in everything, but we did not do it in consecutive order. For those of you who do not know what the PT Test is here is a run down of the tests in order the evaluation takes place and the minimum standards to pass each test.

Vertical Leap-17 inches
Sit-Ups-29 in one minute
300 Meter Sprint-in under 60 seconds
Push Ups-21 with out stopping
1 1/2 Mile Run-in under 14:30
This test may sound a little weak to those of you in superior shape, but to me, and done consecutively it can take a lot out of you. I did well Saturday, but was still nervous about the upcoming PT test that would count. After PT I had a law class, and then went home to help Maggie clean the apartment, do laundry, and get ready for our dinner guests.
Maggie went to Sex and the City with three of her favorite girlfriends Hillary, Holly and Annette. Whom I owe a big thank you to for making so I would not have to go. THANK YOU. I stayed home and watched season three of Homicide:Life on the Street and ate doughnuts. She told me it lived up to everything she hoped it would be and that it was truely made just for the fans. I must say she was quite a glow when she returned home. I was thrilled she had a fun time.

Sex and the City:from left to right Holly, Maggie Annette, and Hillary

That evening we had our new friends Brian and Kayla over for dinner. I prepared a southern meal with blackened catfish, jambalaya with Andouille sausage, watermelon and Schmidt's Cookies for dessert. Dinner started off with a bang when Brian sat on our chair and shattered it. Not broke...SHATTERED it. The chair was old and had been glued many times, but it bit the dust in grand fashion. We got Brianour sturdy office chair to use for dinner. After dinner we watched CSA:Confederate States of America which is a "mockumentary" that shows an alternate view of history as if the south had one the civil war through the eyes of British documentary film crew. It a film I really enjoy, and would recommend to anyone with a good sense of humor, and basic knowledge of American History. We all had a really good time and stayed up way to late.

Brian standing by our shattered chair

Sunday we went to church where I had a great lesson in Elder's Quorum about agency. And then another interesting testimony meeting. After church we went home I watched whatever sport was on TV and took a nap. Maggie read and took a nap. We then headed to dinner at the Elton's which usually ends up being the highlight of our week. We had dinner with Dale, Janis, Cathy, and Barbara. The pork roast was awesome, and the cake amazing. I talked with Dale about POST, and with Janis about Sparky. After dinner we went to Maggie's friend Hillary's apartment to see her, Shawn(her husband), and meet Twinkies their Husky. We had a good time talking about the election, TV shows, and life in general.

Monday Maggie and I ran errands again, returning books to the Library, and rewarded ourselves for just being awesome by going to Noodle and Company. After a short nap I headed to POST for a class on Drug and Liquor Law. Tuesday Maggie and I again just ran errands. We went to Dick's Sporting Goods to try and find me a water bottle that won't give me cancer, I hate all of the cancer free ones, so my Nalgene may kill me. After our day at the Gateway and a discussion with Maggie about how 3rd South is her favorite street in Salt Lake We went home so I could head to POST; and the real PT Test. Let me just say that I was nervous. To not keep you in suspense, I passed, but I have a long way to go for the Superior Fitness Award that Maggie has set a goal for me to earn.(I have the goal too, but she has more confidence in my ability to improve the number of push ups that I do.)

Me Waiting for my Pad Thai

Here are my PT results:

Vertical Jump-28.5 inches


300 Meter Sprint-54 seconds

Push ups-22(I really hate push ups

1 1/2 Mile Run-14:20

After PT we had a defensive tactics where we learned how to avoid a shove, punch, or someone walking away from a low profile search. I now know how to take someone to the ground if they try to hit me. It is a lot of fun to be put through a grueling physical test, and then get thrown onto a mat for two and half hours. It is a lot of fun and I am really enjoying it despite the pain and stress. Tonight I have a class on gang awareness, and Saturday Hazardous Materials Response.