Friday, May 30, 2008


Today neither of us had to work. It has turned into a running errands day. We went to pick up the last pieces of Colt's POST uniform (we have only been waiting on them for about 3 weeks now). I was really peeved. The store has the worst customer service! I kept plotting ways to get the man working there fired. He ignored us for the first half an hour we were there. I would have been satisfied with a "I'll be right with you let me just finish up with this customer." Alas, we got completely ignored. I was happy I brought a book with me yet another young adult novel indulgence. We stopped by my school so Colt could give me my first blogging lesson. Next we are on our way to Harmon's. We are going to pick up some groceries for tomorrow night. We are having our new friends Kayle and Brian over to dinner Colt is cooking catfish and jambalaya. I know it will be delicious he is quite the chef! Our plans are to watch the movie C.S.A.: Confederate States of America it is a mockumentary of American history as if the the south had won the civil war. Being the geeks we are we wanted to serve some southern style cooking. Other than errands our plans for the day include a nap (hopefully), perhaps a run in the park, and maybe if we get wild a dollar movie!

Colt victorious with his duty belt and PT shorts after a month long battle with UWI

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Henry Jones Sr.-"We named the dog Indiana."

Indiana Jones-"I got a lot of fond memories of that dog."

Maggie and I had quite the weekend. We had been planning on going to St George over the Memorial Day Holiday, and leaving after I was done with POST(Police Academy) Saturday morning. We did however end up not being able to leave until 1 o'clock Saturday due to my radio communications class lasting longer than I had thought. So we left directly from POST for St George. On arrival we visited with my mother and then prepared for a BBQ with some of mine and Maggie's friends. It was so good to see all of those who came, and for those of you who couldn't.

Sunday morning we got up early had breakfast on the patio with my mother Jodie, and then went to visit my Great Aunt Joan in the hospital. Joan had a blood clot in her leg that went through her heart, so she has just been out of the Intensive Care Unit for a couple of days. On our way to Joan we went to Harmon's for flowers and saw a sign advertising


2 Year Old Pure Bred Springer Spaniel

Free to a Good Home

I pointed my mother towards it and said ,with the biggest puppy dog eyes I could muster,"He knows he's a good dog." Referencing the Humane Society commercial that always makes both me and mother tear up(I cry at almost nothing unless a dog is involved, Fox and the Hound turns me to sobbing wreak. In fact I am tearing up now thinking about it.) Mom called and set up the appointment to come meet Sparky and see if we clicked.

We the visited with Joan, who looked good was happy to see us. We then headed off to the movie Indiana Jones! FREAKING AWESOME!!! I am such a total "Indy Geek" that I was on the edge my seat the whole time smiling like I did when I first saw "Raiders of Lost Ark" at age 10. My friend Holly said that "I was the only person she would want to have seen this movie with."

After the movie Mom, Maggie and I went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. We then went to meet Sparky. I was hooked the moment I saw him. He had not been groomed in while, and was in dire need of a shampoo, but he beautiful. The family who was getting rid of him were renting and had four other dogs , and it was just too much to take care of. He had been an inside dog with them and would have to be an outside dog with us, but we took him to see how he would adjust. On the way home with Sparky we went to Petco and Sparky was not happy. He was shaking and so scared that he would not move an inch. I had to pick him to carry him into the store and he had an accident on me. We were told he would be able to be groomed for a week, but they would shampoo him tonight. We left him with one of the best dog people I have ever met. Casandra who works at Petco took great care of him. While we shopped for all of the stuff dog's need she washed him. We left to take all of the new pet stuff home and Casandra told us to be back in an hour. When we did she was not quite done as she had washed him four times, and plucked a lot of fox tails from between his paws. Sparky was still shaking a little bit, but looked a lot better. Casandra then told us she would find a way to get him in and get him groomed on Monday. Sparky really worked his charm on her.

Sparky being nervous, shaky and shaggy at Petco

Me reasoning with Sparky about the need to chill out

Once we took Sparky home and he saw the back yard he was completely at ease. Within a couple of moments he was running and playing with Maggie and I. We even hooked him to a leash ,something of a new experience for Sparky, and walked him to meet some of our neighbors. We saw the Lang's my second family growing up. And there grand baby who could not have been more than nine months old petted Sparky. Sparky was so calm and gentle that he continued to prove he was a good dog.

That night he did have a little anxiety about being left outside in the yard. He howled and I slept by the window so when he did I could tap at it and he would calm down just know I was close.

Monday morning Maggie and I took Sparky on a two mile run. Sparky would look at Maggie ahead of me and then back to me with a quizzical look as to why I was running so slow. I tried to explain that my shin splints hurt really bad, but he was more concerned about Maggie up there alone. After the run we again ate breakfast on the patio near Sparky. He amazed us again by not once begging for even a piece of bacon. Once breakfast was done Sparky shown the pool. He is going to need some time to get used to the pool, but I am sure he will love it with time. Once we were all dried off Sparky was taken back to be groomed. Casandra was so impressed that this time he walked through the doors and was not shaking at all. Sparky was not to excited about having to leave us, which made us feel really good.

While Sparky was at the groomers the three human members of the family went to In n' Out for lunch...and it was good. We picked Sparky up a couple of hours later, and he looked like a new dog. We had his coat cut way back for summer, and you could tell how happy he was to be looking good; and to see us again. Once we got home we played with him for a couple more hours, but all to soon we had to pack up the car and head home to Salt Lake leaving our new dog with Grandma Jodie. We took him for walk and then said a tearful goodbye. He stood by the fence the while we pulled away with confused and worried look on face. I am sure I must have looked the same way.

On the way home we called Maggie's parents, brothers, sisters, and my best friend Brad to tell them that they were grandparents, aunts, and uncles to be. They all kind of freaked out till we told them that it was a springer spaniel. Duane and Christine ,Maggie's parents, had just finished watching "Juno" so they were doubly surprised by the news they were grandparents. I only called twice on the way to Salt Lake to check in on my dog which is pretty good for me.

Maggie and Sparky kissing goodbye

Sparky and Me saying adios

Sparky looking good after his grooming, but wondering where we are going

Sparky relaxing on his bed after a hard day

Colt n' Maggie Introduction

This is the first posting on our new blog. We hope that it will help us keep in touch with some of our family and friends that live far away...or that we are just poor at connecting with.

To just give you a little update on us we are now living in the Sugar House area of Salt Lake City, Utah. We have a great apartment and really love our ward. We attend the Forrest Dale Ward in the Granite Stake. Our church meets in this really amazing old building, that makes going to church a lot of fun. Maggie is going to Westminster College and is studying Developmental Psychology. She just finished her first semester and did very well. She is now doing the "Maymester" program at Westminster that allows her to take 1 upper division class worth two credits for free, that only lasts as long as the month of May. Maggie is studying the psychology of love with her class this "Maymester." She is still working at the Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing ,in Taylorsville, as the community education coordinator.

I am working for the State of Utah at the Department of Environmental Quality(DEQ) in Division of Response and Remediation(DERR). The job is fun if not a little slow at times. I am also attending the Police Academy at night. The Academy is hard. The Physical Training(PT) can be brutal. I am getting in a lot better shape with having to do a two mile run that is broken up with doing push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and air squats all in military cadence. The classes are really enjoyable, and my fellow cadets are a lot of fun to be around. I have been able to come home and practice my arrest techniques on Maggie and whoever else happens to be home, but most people(Maggie included) don't find this as much fun as it sounds.

I hope that this gives you a little update on us and that you will check in often to see how we are doing and let us know how you are. If you have any questions or comments please post and let us know.