Friday, November 13, 2009

Aunt Maggie and Uncle Colt

Mommy and baby

Yesterday my sister Ruth and brother in law Alan had the most beautiful baby girl. I already love her so much and can't wait to meet her over Christmas.

The prettiest little girl

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Texts from Silent Weekend

Maggie is at a silent weekend. This is a weekend where she attends workshops that improve her sign language, and she is not allowed to talk. So she and I texted for the course of the weekend. Here are some of those texts.

Maggie: Sorry, but it was nasty. Anyway the cabin we are at is off the hook! I am in love with the closet in the master bedroom wow it is bigger than our guest bedroom.
Colt: Is it also in 1999, cause that is the last time someone said "off the hook"? Glad you like it.
Maggie: Ouch! I didn't say radical or dope so that makes me a little cooler right?
Maggie: You are up early what are you doing today?
Colt: Eye Doctor. Guitar. Movie. Make fun of people who say "off the hook"
Maggie: Wow you really don't like that.
Colt: I really like being able to make of fun of you for it. BTW this is going on the blog.
Maggie: Fine. Well I guess you will have it word for word. Want to know why I said "off the hook"? It was on Desperate Housewives.
Colt: So, its only 2005 when people still cared about Desperate Housewives.
Maggie: Guess so...2005 it is...YAY! We are young again.

Maggie: How tall is Yao Ming?

Colt: Can I spend next month's rent on a piano?
Maggie: No
Colt: Damn...
Colt: Are you sure?
Maggie: Why don't you clean something if you are bored.
Colt: Who said I was bored I am buying a piano.
Maggie: No no no bear.
(PS I didn't buy the piano)

Monday, November 2, 2009


By Maggie:

Hello blog followers I know Colt has been keeping you call very entertained for the past few months but I thought I would take a turn. I just wanted to fill you in on our fabulous Halloween. I know there are some cynics out there who don't appreciate this holiday but I love it! Candy and costumes what more could you ask for? We started the fun Friday with a last minute movie night. We had delicious snacks. Thank you to everyone for your yummy contributions. Colt prepared a cheese platter of spooky Halloween cheeses. We watched Young Frankenstein. 4 out of the 7 in the group had not seen it before. It was a hit everyone loved the movie and it was a pretty good spider-webbing of friends if I do say so myself.

Saturday we went to Sugarhouse BBQ with Julie and James. Dinner was delicious. Later we popped their Rocky Horror Picture Show cherries. Someone who has never seen the movie before is called a virgin. I am not sure even with the research they had done that Julie and James were quite prepared for the initiations. Julie was a good sport and we saved her from being called on stage and having to participate in more humiliating acts. She was very grateful! The movie was fabulous as always and my friend, Quayle, played Rocky in the stage show and was wonderful. Seeing Rocky Horror has become on of my favorite Halloween traditions.

Maggie as Flo Colt as Caveman

I wanted my Spooky Cheese Platter to receive its due recognition so I made Maggie wait till I could write my paragraph describing it.

French Roquefort: That is aged in a limestone cave. Caves are spooky
Spanish Goat's Milk Cheese: The devil is often depicted as being half goat, so I am saying this cheese was milked from the prince of darkness. Spooky and evil.
Irish Cheddar: Ireland is a very mystical place all on its own. But this cheese had a very nice orange hue that made it the perfect Halloween color.
English Sage Derby: This English cheese has bright green veins running through it that make it just look spooky. It also has a black rind that made the perfect Halloween color combination.

I served this with Castelvetrano olives which are bright green and look almost radioactive, and some marinated garlic to keep vampires at bay.