Monday, December 15, 2008

The Tim Tam Slam!!!!!!!!

Delicious Tim Tams

Ah the Tim Tam slam where to begin. This tasty treat was taught to me by my research methods professor. It is an Australian treat that is being sold in America by Pepperidge Farms at Target but only through the Holiday season. The cookie itself is yummy chocolate wafers with a chocolate or caramel center (depending on which you get) and a nice chocolate coating. Yummy right? Well wait till you try the slam. This can be done with hot chocolate of coffee depending on your preference.

1.bite off a small corner of the cookie

2. take a small bite off the kitty corner

3. place one corner of the cookie in you hot beverage

4. drink through the other corner of the cookie (like a straw) for 3 seconds or until you are getting the drink in your mouth

5. pop the cookie in your mouth

6. enjoy the melty chocolatey goodness that is the Tim Tam Slam!

If you would like to learn more about the Tim Tam you can read up here


Jodie Smith said...

I just introduced my office to the Tim Tam Slam and we are now all searching the web for a place to buy more Tim Tams!

Janey said...

Yum, I will have to try it very soon.

Jodie Smith said...

We are trying it with Kit Kats today and it is good. . . not as good as the Tim Tams, but pretty tasty!

Lindsay said...

we'll have to take a special trip to target just for this treat. thanks for the insight.
-Tyler & Lindsay

Britta said...

WHAT!? How could I not know about something sold at Target?! We did The Slam when we went to Australia in 07. They are insanely bad for you - but worth it. I'm getting some tomorrow!
P.S. - You can buy them at the Asian market just a few doors north of Los Hermonos on University Ave, in Provo.

Markie said...

I went, I bought, I tried, I LOVED! Thanks for a new bad-for-me-but-irresistible habit. (it works with herbal tea too - yum).

Swede_Lady said...

Britta and Tom were very excited to show us how to properly enjoy a Tim Tam when they returned from Australia. I will have to pick some up for my own stocking!

Britta said...

Tom got me Tim Tams for Christmas. Awesome!