Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh

I keep waiting for Colt to write about our great trip to Pittsburgh, but I think he wants me to. It has been a while since I contributed to our blog. We went to my home for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful.
Wednesday was our first day in town. After a red eye we got in and did some movie shopping with Jonny (my awesome lil bro). We found great deals at Hollywood Video! Then Colt and I headed over to see Karen. I was so excited to finally meet her baby! She is beautiful. We went to a great little Italian place by Karen and Tony's house. The food was delicious the company even better.

Madelyn was fascinated with Colt (I can't blame her)

Thursday Colt went to the Turkey Bowl. It has been happening every year in my ward and no one in my family has ever gone. Colt had a great time and he was able to get his football fix in. He was quite muddy and will bring his cleats next time. I got to spend the morning with my dear friend Marion. Colt was playing football with her husband Dave and all the other guys I grew up with. It was fun to see the Chrises reunited too! Oh and there were more doughnuts there than you can imagine so Colt got to get some good cop practice in with eating them.

Mom with the yummy turkey

Back at the house we cleaned up and were so excited at the arrival of my cousin Britta and her family. Her husband Tom and Colt were excited to have someone they could talk football with and they are both Alton Brown fans. Their daughter Ella is so adorable. The table was full that night. With 8 in my family (including spouses/in-laws), Britta and family (3), Amalie, Suzanne, missionaries (2), and family from church (Stephanie, Eric and Hazel). The food was amazing I love my mom's stuffing. Ruth does too I think that is what we pigged out on the most. There was a 26lbs turkey and all of the other favorites too. For dessert we had the most amazing array of pies. Stephanie is an amazing pie maker and many references to The Waitress and to Pushing Daisies were made. After dinner Alan played Christmas carols with the help of 2 year old Ella. We all sang there was also the appearance of a ukulele, guitar, bongos (and other drums), tambourines, and shakers.

Alan and Ella playing together

The rest of the trip flew by too fast. A night with my Schenley High School friends. Going to the Frick mansion and trying to distract Ella from touching anything. Running with my Dad. Movies with Amy and gorgeous earrings along with other assorted gifts, shopping with Ruth and a manventure that consisted of way too many french fries. For you Pittsburghers apparently Jonny did not explain the proportions of french fries at the O in a way that Alan and Colt understood. Colt got a medium!!! To those of you who don't understand they way I explain is the O fries is that a small is bigger than a biggie size fry. After cross country I use to share a medium with 3 friends and be full.

Ella and me with styling hat!

The flight home. The part were it would have turned really ugly. We were suppose to get home at 10:30 pm on Sunday. We got in about 5 pm on Monday. I had 2 presentation that I missed on Monday one of which was worth 10% of my grade. But I was able to make them up. We stayed the night in an amazing hotel in Phoenix with a great breakfast and we got food vouchers for lunch at the airport. Best of all we got to see Tyson who is one of Colt's best friends. They have known each other since 6th grade.
Over all it was a trip to be thankful for. Thankful for an amazing family, wonderful friends, good food, each other (if I haven't said it enough I am so thankful for my husband), the fact that our checked luggage made it to Salt Lake. All in all it was amazing!!!!


Britta said...

Ella was so thrilled with "Miss Maggie" - she kept talking about you the entire weekend. Thanks for being so patient with her at the Frick house - I can't believe we got out of there with no tantrums or broken priceless antiques!

Jessie said...

sounds like an awesome thanksgiving! What is the little Italian place you referenced at the beginning of your post? I really love italian food and am always looking for new restaurants to try!

it was great to see you over break! So sad we don't see you at Christmas:-(

Colt and Maggie said...

Pasqualino's Italian Eatery‎
8701 Route 30, Irwin, PA‎
(724) 864-9600‎
It is kind of far away, but I think it is worth the drive on a night you feel like an adventure. If you go let me know what you think!

Colt and Maggie said...

I liked it better whenI thought the name was Pasquazie's


Jessie said...

I have soooo been to Pasqualinos!! It's fantastic! I usually went to the one in Murrysville, but haven't been able to go recently because every time I try it's like a 1/2 hour wait. THe place is so dang popular. mmmmm I wish they had one nearer the city!

Libby said...

Okay, the picture of your mom posing with the turkey is HILARIOUS.